Big Technology Is Here And It’s Ready To Roll

An introduction. And a note on what to expect.

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Big Technology: What It’s About

Hi Everyone, 

I’m thrilled to welcome you to Big Technology. This is a new, one-person publication dedicated to revealing the systems in the tech world that drive what we see in the headlines.

I’m calling it “Big Technology” because I’m going to focus primarily on the tech giants: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft (which I cover in-depth in my book, Always Day One). And also because Big Technology evokes all the other BIGs — Big Government, Big Pharma, etc. — where politicians, advertisers, and the media play a game behind the scenes that’s seldom revealed. I want to cue you in. 

Big Technology will be unafraid, not beholden to narrative, corporate interest, or ideology. It will be personal, a conversation between me and you, the subscribers. It will be consistent, at least one free article per week to start, and a paid option later on. And it will be fun.

After years as a beat reporter in Silicon Valley, I’ve decided an independent newsletter is the best way to publish my journalism. When I wrote the Tech Giant Update at BuzzFeed, I loved the back and forth with readers, and that the replies were more heartfelt and informative than the vitriol on Twitter. I also found newsletter writing to be more free, not tied to the formats we see in traditional publications. I also believe independent, reader-supported journalism can actually work. So I’m giving it a shot. 

As you read Big Technology, here’s what you can expect:

Deeply Reported Original Journalism

I’m going to make lots of calls (and read lots of your emails) and will not run this thing on volume.

Physiology, Not Symptoms 

I will cover how the technology world works, not simply what it does.

Fair, Nuanced Stories

We live in a world where the most extreme voices rule the day. Big Technology will differentiate by not being that.

No Embargoes 

I won’t write stories just to write them (sorry tech PR industry). Everything here will be original. 

But enough talk. The first few stories will be coming your way shortly. A podcast is en route too. 

Thanks again for joining me on this journey.