Big Technology X CNBC

I'm signing on with CNBC as an on-air contributor

Hi Everyone, 

Today, I’m thrilled to announce I’m signing on with CNBC as an on-air contributor. 

CNBC is the leader in business news for a reason. Its straight talk resonates with a wide array of viewers looking for facts over spin, hyperpartisanship, and narrative. I’ve gotten to know the network as a guest over the past four years, and have admired the way it lives its values. I’m delighted to deepen the relationship. 

Starting next week, you’ll see me across CNBC’s slate of shows, bringing my perspective on tech big and small and having some on-air fun in the process.

If you’re subscribed to Big Technology, this newsletter will continue to arrive in your inbox as normal. I can’t thank you enough for reading.

So away we go. Major thanks to CNBC’s Katie Slaman, Mary Duffy, and Dan Colarusso for making this happen. Thanks also to the terrific team at Squawk Box who’s worked with me through the years. This will be awesome.