Big Technology X OneZero

Hi Everyone, 

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Big Technology has signed an exclusive syndication deal with OneZero.

If you’ve paid attention to tech news recently, you’ve seen OneZero explode onto the scene. In an age defined by outrage and hyperbole, OneZero’s built an audience by telling stories with thoughtfulness and nuance. Its measured coverage of issues like social media cults, digital surveillance, and online mourning in the COVID era has made it an indispensable read for me and many others. I couldn’t imagine a better partner.

Starting next week, you’ll see my weekly Big Technology article syndicated exclusively on OneZero. I’m extremely excited to bring my journalism to OneZero’s readers and to help Big Technology reach a broader audience. 

If you’re subscribed to Big Technology, everything will continue as normal, and the newsletter will continue to appear in your inbox.

Here’s what OneZero Editor In Chief Damon Beres said about our partnership:

"I've long been a fan of Alex's work, which digs into issues of consequence in the tech industry without cheap fingerpointing or hasty conclusions. It's a natural fit for OneZero, and I'm delighted that we'll be able to offer his writing to Medium subscribers."

Also, as you might have seen, I recently made my debut on OneZero in a debate with Wendy Liu, who wrote Abolish Silicon Valley. Wendy argued for rupture, I want reform. You can check it out here: Can Silicon Valley Be Fixed — Or Should We Burn It All Down?

So off we go. Thanks so much to Damon and the fine folks at OneZero for making it happen. This is going to be great.