Introducing the Big Technology Podcast

Zeynep Tufekci, Casey Newton, and ex-Amazon VP Tim Bray join as debut guests

Candid conversations about technology are difficult to come by. At least in public. There’s typically one set of discussions taking place behind closed doors, and another right outside.

Today, I’m launching the Big Technology Podcast to bring what’s said in private out into the open. 

As the podcast debuts, you’ll see the philosophy in action. Our first episode covers the evolution of social media-fueled protests, including Black Lives Matter, with writer and researcher Zeynep Tufekci. The second episode evaluates the tech press and the state of Facebook with The Verge’s Casey Newton. 

Both of these episodes are available now. You can subscribe here: 

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Please also look out for the podcast transcripts on OneZero, Big Technology’s exclusive syndication partner. Here’s the first one: Why People Can’t Stand Tech Journalists: An Interview With Casey Newton

More good stuff is on the way: 

  • Tim Bray, the Amazon VP who quit after the company fired its whistleblowers, will be on next week. 

  • Box CEO Aaron Levie joins the week after. 

Again, you can subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Overcast, and wherever you get your podcasts.

Big Technology X RedCircle

I’m launching the podcast with a great partner, RedCircle, a company that hosts and distributes podcasts, provides analytics, and manages ad sales. RedCircle will host and sell ads on the podcast and we’ll be sharing revenue. Ziprecruiter, get in touch.

Major thanks to RedCircle co-founder and COO Jeremy Lermitte, account manager Chloe Van Patten, and my editor Nate Gwatney for teaching me how to launch a podcast. Here’s a word from Lermitte:

"Alex is proving that journalists can venture out on their own and leverage technology like RedCircle’s to build a thriving new model for journalism without the traditional barriers of corporate media. When there was an opportunity to partner on the launch of his podcast, we jumped at it!"

This is definitely a new format for me, one that will take some time to learn. But it’s starting to feel more natural with each episode. 

I hope you’ll subscribe and keep listening as I get my sea legs and share feedback as you see fit. I’m super excited to get the podcast off the ground. Thanks again for being part of this.

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